Product Poly Bubble Mailer Black Conductive Bubble Mailer

Black Conductive Bubble Mailer

Name:   Black Conductive Bubble Mailer

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Specifications / Features
Material Structure:Conductive PE film+ Antistatic PE bubble film
1.Material:made from anti-static bubble cushion coated with black conductive film or conductive-web film.
2. Function:electric insulation, electric conduction, anti-static and shock cushioning protections.
3. Outer layer is PE conductive film.
4. Inner layer is anti-static air bubble bag which can prevent damage due to collision, attrition, or static.
5. Outer surface resistance is 103-105 Ω, inner surface resistance is 108-1011 Ω
6. Its outer layer can be customized in material, specification and color.
Used for packaging of IC boards, computer motherboards, network communication products, various electronic components and PC boards,prevent the products from shock,sunlight and static electricity damage