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Kraft Bubble Bag

Name:   Kraft Bubble Bag

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Specifications / Features
Material Structure: Kraft paper + PE bubble film
Item Name: Customized design color kraft bubble mailer
1) Made of Kraft paper with bubble linings, the bubble can protect the goods from damage during the delivery
2) Superior cushioning and surface protection
3) Self-adhesive tape available
4) Many colors/designs available
5) Multi-functions for mailing and package
6) Customized designs/shapes are welcomed
7) Clean and easy to use
8) Lightweight for postage savings
9) Can be reused

Used into transportation,packaging jewelry, digital accessories, CD-ROM, mobile phones, etc,  providing maximum air retention and cushioning power.

Test item Unit Test Standard and Index
Seal strength N/50mm ≥300
Heat seal temperature F 250-375
Relative humidity % 60%
Peel strength KN/M 0.15KN / M
Average peeling off force N 2.28N